Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thought at the end

It was funny how for the first questions, I pretty much said the same thing. However, this time I used "proper language" such as ideology, unbalance, superior vs inferior, etc. Also, I find that feminism do not only fight for women's right, but for all human's right. I thought that all feminists were only women, but I was wrong...conception and reality is two different thing.
I believe, I am moving slowly, but smartly towards being a feminist...maybe I am already, but I am not totally award of it. The only problem is I never know when to be a lowed ally or a quiet one, I will figure this out with time, I guess.
Coming back to the questions, I was laughing when I read the number 2 in first paper, I first thought that the US represent fairness, equal opportunity and equality for all, but after this class and all that we had read and study, I changed my opinion. For the other questions, I believed it is pretty much the same.